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→ 1. How do I join this community? ←

Click here!

→ 2. How do I submit a secret? ←

It's all here!

→ 3. What if I can't submit a secret anonymously? ←

Feel free to comment logged in, if you don't mind one person knowing who you are (not that I know most of you personally anyway, right?). Or create a sockpuppet LJ to comment with. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.

→ 4. Why has my secret not been posted yet? Can I resubmit it? ←

It could be one of many reasons. Before resubmitting (to limit the number of repeat secrets for everyone), please re-check these things:

A) When did you submit your secret? Secrets are posted starting the Saturday after the Submissions Post closes, not on the same week. If you submitted it this week, it's posted next week, and so on.
B) Has your secret been posted as a not!secret, not!fandom, et cetera?
C) Could your secret have been labeled a personal attack, which are not linked to at all?
D) Did you post to the Suggestions Post and not the Submissions Post (this has happened more than once)?

If you're sure the above things aren't the problem, please resubmit! Either LJ messed up with comments or we accidentally deleted it (though we usually realize and leave a note when this happens).

→ 5. Why was my secret labeled not!secret/not!fandom, et cetera? ←

Please see this. In short, things not stated as secrets will not be considered secrets, and mere text on a fandom image does not a fandomsecret make: for example "OTP!" or "Awesome!" or "I came!" "XYZ > all!" I'm being strict on this to avoid floods of "this character is the best!" and "I love you!" and stuff like that.

→ 6. What makes a personal attack a personal attack? ←

When the secret both clearly identifies the person being bashed and insults someone personally. "I hate the way this person writes a certain character" or "this person is a bad mod" is not a personal attack; "I hate the way this person writes a certain character and she's a crappy person with no hope" or "she's a mean old stupidhead STUPIDHEAD" is. And honestly, outside wank has no bearing on the way we decide this: outside wank is outside wank -- if it's not in the actual secret, it's not in the secret, sorry.

→ 7. What determines which secrets get posted when? ←

I take the total number of secrets for the week then divide by 7, and that's the number that gets posted daily. Also, they are not posted in order: I go through them picking at random, so it's not like one person that submitted 10 secrets in a row or something gets a whole post to themselves ('cause that'd be pretty boring, don't you think?).

→ 8. Can we retract secrets/retract secret links? ←

No. "Please don't post this," or "please change links," or "please don't use my photobucket" -- no, no, no. If you don't want things posted, don't submit them. If you don't want your photobucket seen, use a free image host like tinypic or imageshack. Sorry, but this is getting to be a pretty big problem; we're not going to hunt through pages of comments to find "the one with XYZ character in it." No.

The two exceptions where secrets will be pulled out of a post are A) if the original fanauthor/artist wants their work taken down, or B) when they are creating wank (of the personal attacking type) in the post itself. But that's only afterward, so they'll be posted anyway, at least for a while. Might want to keep that in mind before submitting anything you might regret.

→ 9. When does the Submissions Post close? ←

Either Saturday at 12 AM or Saturday morning (whenever Case gets up, lol) or when we hit 28 full pages/700 secrets total. There's one every week, though, and they usually don't fill up too fast, so don't worry too much.

→ 10. Why are there so many secrets about XYZ fandom? Why aren't there any secrets about ZYX fandom? ←

Hey, I just post 'em like I get 'em. If you want more secrets about specific things, there's not really much you can do besides either make some or try to get others to do it.

→ 11. Why'd you freeze one thread and not another that's just as bad? ←

Chances are I just basically didn't see it. If you think something should be frozen, feel free to drop me a line through PM or on the Suggestions post and let me know!

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Sometimes persistent trolls come around and the only way to stop them is to turn IP logging on for a while. It won't ever stay permanently on, though.

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Thank you. ♥